Praise – Meet Jennet’s Collectors


8 year old Bobbie from the Shenandoah Valley saw Jennet’s paper prints at a yard sale and rushed to have his own.

Charlie, a 20+ goth woman, went crazy for Jennet’s pen/ink sunflower paintings and now proudly displays them.

Lisa and Bobbie, semi-retired entrepreneurs, purchased a print of Jennet’s online and then searched for her to commission a portrait of their 3 dogs.

Dee Ann, a retired chemist from Wales, is passionate about Jennet’s Virginia landscapes.

Hunter, a business executive walked daily by one of Jennet’s floral painting in the window of an antique store fell in love and just had to have the painting.

Cindy, from New Orleans, purchases a 30×44″ canvas print of an original hummingbird that is not for sale.

Loraine, from the California Bay Area, purchases a canvas print of Jennet’s signature oil painting -“Painted Thunder”

A German museum purchases an abstract piece that they feel is a healing tool.

Medical clinics nationwide purchase her work to enhance their patients healing.

Manuel sees Jennet’s work everyday on exhibit at his work and commissions Jennet to paint his family’s portrait.

Fred and Bob are building a new house, loved and purchased Jennet’s bird pen and ink paintings.

Retired military man Marvin and his wife Liisa have purchased landscapes and florals for their home.

Susan, a retired executive from New York, knew what she was looking at and had to have Jennet’s Mass-of-Light paintings.

Bob, a prominent Stauntonian, amasses his own collection and then commissions an oil painting of his daughter’s pug. His daughter, Mary, a prominent attorney in NYC, then purchases her own Virginia oil landscape.

Mary, Susan, Dottie all purchased paper prints of their favorite paintings by Jennet.

Depending on your budget you can purchase a paper print of your favorite image, a custom-sized canvas print, or an original. Jennet’s commissions range from pet portraits, to family memorials, to your beautiful home.

Her collectors range from millennials to retired executives, from gay families to ex-military personnel, from entrepreneurs to teachers, from private collectors to corporations. If you’ve read this far perhaps you can identify yourself in one of her collectors. With her wide range of mediums from dried pigment, to pen and ink and oils there is literally something for everyone.



Autism’s ‘rock star’ Temple Grandin stated after seeing Jennet’s artwork, “She’s So Good! Jennet has real art talent! I would like to see her become more well known for her work.”

“Light hidden in darkness – my first thoughts on seeing the works of Jennet Inglis.  My second thought – the quote from Guillaume Apollinaire, in 1912 about modern painting:   “Pure painting means perhaps pure light…” Thus, I pay the highest compliment to Jennet Inglis:  I say  you are creating pure painting. You open for the viewer insights into the unknown origins of human being and thinking.” Mario Andreas von Luttichau  Director, Folkwang Museum   Essen, Germany

“Asked by a news-reporter about artists in the Shenandoah Valley who are great but, hmm, a little too progressive for the area, I responded, ‘We have a world-class artist living here.  There is only one. We are lucky to have her here. Her name is Jennet Inglis.”  Piper Groves, Director, Shenandoah Valley Art Center

“Your beautiful hummingbirds continue to grace our dining room wall and make life so good.” Barbara Moder Finkelman

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